Vantage Design specializes in minimal and modern designs that optimize the unique nature of each project with a strong focus on the comfort and well-being of the occupants.

Every house we design starts with maximizing natural ventilation and natural light with a strong focus on biophilia. Building upon this foundation is our emphasis on creating spaces that enhances social interaction. Finally, we top it all with inspiring design of luxurious simplicity and understated elegance that offers serenity and calm.

After graduating with an honors degree in Electrical Engineering (EE) from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Eugene started his career in IT(Information Technology), rising to helm management positions in all 3 IT Companies(IBM, HP, Intel) over a career than spans 16 years before he finally found his calling in 2008 to switch from IT to ID.

Prior to launching Vantage Design, like many homeowners and property investors, Eugene had many unsatisfactory experiences dealing with contractors and builders.  With a heart of love for beautiful homes, a keen eye for detail, a logical and solution-focused engineering mind and a simple belief that homeowners deserve better, Eugene finally gave up his five-figure monthly salary to pursue his passion full-time.